Welcome to the Aquanaut's Sailing Friends Website

The Aquanaut Sailing Friends is a group of fervent water sports enthusiasts, who all own an Aquanaut motor yacht. Aquanaut yachts are quality yachts that have been built for over 40 years at the Aquanaut shipyard at Sneek. There is a wide range of various boat types and models (see the model overview at the Aquanaut website).

The association

The AVV is a young association. It was founded in 2008 with the goal of furthering contacts between people who sail Aquanauts. At the introductory gathering and first annual meeting in November 2008, over 50 members (boats) had already applied.
The association’s articles have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce under file number 01133347, dated 18-06-2008. The articles of association can be examined by making contact with the Chamber of Commerce.

For the purpose of...

Sailing an Aquanaut is not just a pleasure but also creates a bond. The AVV wants to strengthen this bond by sharing the pleasure of water sports and the enthusiasm of sailing an Aquanaut yacht. Exchanging experiences or organising and/or participating in common activities can contribute to this in a pleasant way.

How is it done

An informal atmosphere without too many obligations is an important hallmark for the association. The board is primarily responsible for the formal affairs that come up within an association, such as establishing the articles of association, financial administration and organising annual meetings. The board is also the contact point for the association and represents the AVV to the outside world. The members together make the association; they determine whether it is worthwhile to be a member of the AVV. The members are at liberty to undertake things together. They can also arrange certain activities individually or together with other members and then invite other members to participate. The board wholeheartedly applauds such initiatives, and will facilitate their realisation as far as possible.

Not only in the Netherlands

Aquanaut boats do not just sail in the Netherlands. Over half the Aquanauts built in Sneek have their homeport in other European countries and some of them are even outside of Europe. The AVV board wholeheartedly applauds ties with these Aquanaut owners. They emphatically invite interested parties from other European countries to join the AVV. Organising activities for people who sail Aquanauts on a European level undeniably seems to be an attractive thought. If the number of people interested is sufficient an “international study group” could study such possibilities further.


The AVV is an independent association but with close and friendly ties to the Aquanaut shipyard. The AVV does not protect the interests of the members in possible disputes between individual members and the shipyard. On request, however, it can act as a representative towards the shipyard. The AVV can ask the shipyard for attention to remarks or wishes based on experiences of groups of members with their boats for instance.

Are you interested

Are you an Aquanaut owner and if your interest in the AVV has been aroused by this short presentation, please continue on to the membership page and apply for membership. You can also do this by filling out and sending in the application form. If you have any questions, you can also contact the Aquanaut Sailing Friends secretariat.

Members’ Private data will not be passed on to third parties! Also, see the statement on privacy.